Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve this year began at the home of our friends. We had a spaghetti dinner and then exchanged some presents.

Sarah was excited to get some cute toe socksWe gave them a fun family game

Then it was on to the Christmas Even candle lit service at our church. The kids' choir sang 2 songs. Noah and Micah were a part of the kid's choir and performed 2 songs. Sarah is a part of the adult choir, but none of those pictures turned out. It was a lovely service.After church we went caroling, and then to our friends' house nearby for an open house. It was a great time of fellowship with lots of Christmas goodies. I didn't take the camera out of my bag though! We headed home in a dense fog about 9:00 PM and as per our family tradition, the kids get to open their stockings. The got chocolate and their yearly Hallmark ornament. This years Christmas Eve stockings have been brought to you by Grandma & Grandpa in Florida.

This was Micah's first year to get an ornament not part of the "1st years" club. He received a little mouse sleeping in a crayon box in celebration for his love for drawing and school. Noah received a piano ornament that plays a few Christmas songs. All of which he, himself, can play I might add. Sarah received a puppy ornament where she can put an actual photo of her dog, Phantom, in it. As soon as the ornaments were opened and a piece of chocolate had been eaten it was off to bed for these 3 very excited little ones.

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