Thursday, November 15, 2007

Phantom of the Frozen Tundra

Phantom LOVES it when we take him outside the same time as our neighbors dog, Baloo, is out. They have fun playing together and running around like the crazy puppies they are. We had our first snow fall here and discovered something new about our puppy: HE LOVES, LOVES, LOVES snow!! He would sit at the door and WHINE to be let out, and when he got there he would just dive into the snow and play and play and play. He would have stayed outside all day. When Noah made a snow ball and threw it for Phantom, he caught up to it and promptly ate it all in one gulp.......... Here he is coming in after playing for at least an hour in the freshly fallen snow.
The snow has all melted now, but there's more in the forecast and we can't wait to take the puppy sledding!
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