Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My parents left this morning and I have SO many pictures to post and blog about! Alas, I have 1,000 other things I need to be doing AND a sick kiddo on top of that..... AHK!

Noah's Big injury
Noah was injured in the mouth during a game at coop on Tuesday - he is fine but for a moment we were concerned he had punctured his (insert that crazy word that begins with an "F" here that I can't think of right now) and might lose his permanent adult tooth... but thanks to a GREAT dentist that we go to church with (who just happened to be off work because he and his lovely wife just had a beautiful baby boy) we determined no ER visit was necessary and that the tooth looked safe. He is still pretty swollen even today, but no longer in a lot of pain. Here are a couple of pictures: Maybe you can not tell but those of you who know him well will be able to tell how swollen his smile is in the first picture and the second is of the injury.... it doesn't look as bad in the picture, go figure!

So until I can get the rest of my parent's visit pictures sorted, cropped, and captioned here is Noah's mouth picture (at least it's not a dead cat, right?)
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