Monday, November 12, 2007

Honoring Vetern's Day

Lorraine American Cemetery in France
The largest American military cemetery of World War II in Europe. 10,489 war dead of the United Sates of America from World War II rest here. Most of those buried here died during the advance to the Rhine and the advance across Germany in the spring of 1945. Additionally, the names of the 444 Americans whose remains were never recovered or not identified are inscribed on the walls on either side of the memorial. A bronze rosette marks the names of those who were subsequently found. 151 headstones mark the graves of "unknowns".
On the VERY COLD Monday after Veteran's day we drove to St. Avold, France to visit this cemetery. It was a very humbling experience and a good way to remember......
After walking around the memorial and cemetery we went to "Cora", a super store comparable to "super Target" in the States, only IN FRANCE! Then we stopped for supper at a McDonald's and ate French Fries in France (only they're called "pommes fritas" there). A nice day spent with good friends.

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