Thursday, November 22, 2007


On this Thanksgiving we had our traditional meal with our church. During the service before the meal we prayed to give thanks for our country, our family, and our church. During each "section" of the service people were invited to stand up and share why they were thankful for that particular thing. While people were sharing praises for family my friend Sandy stood up. She said that it was hard for her to be so far away this year with her dear mother, LuLu, ill and awaiting a liver transplant. As the older daughter she feels a pull to be there and to be with family, but even though that pull is strong she, her husband, and her kids were exactly where they were supposed to be - WITH FAMILY right here in the church. It was very emotional and moving. I don't have any more eloquent words to sum up the day. We spent it with family.
After the meal we hung out and played games, visited, and danced. Not danced like a "club" (I have an image in my head of my dear Pastor beneath a disco ball, it's just not right), but like you would "see" in a Jane Austen novel. One of the dances was called the Virginia Reel, and we did several others but I can not tell you the names.
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