Wednesday, October 17, 2007


WHAT a DAY!! The kids all went in for haircuts in the morning, then off to school pictures at the local Christian school. After they had their pictures taken we headed over to a park on base with our friend Curran. He used his good camera to snap a few shots of my kids. Then we dashed off to Scouts and Irish Dance lessons. My parents were such god sports to accompany us on all our crazy adventures! I can not post the pictures that the school photographer took (copyright infringements), but here are the shots we captured at the park.

This is Curran getting all his equipment set up.

My idea this year was to have all the kids in the same style shirt but in their favorite colors. I think it worked well and they were thrilled!

Micah was cute with his little yellow flower that he wouldn't let go of!

Noah in green with red leaves. Very festive, don't you think?

We didn't get too many shots of Sarah, but the black and white one turned out nice.

For the record, Sarah does not like her hair at all in this picture. Having written that disclaimer though, I am posting it anyway.

Headed Home

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