Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rhein River Drive and Burg Eltz

On Sunday we drove along the Rhein river (it was too cold for a River cruise). We stopped in St. Goar for a picnic lunch, but didn't stay to walk around the castle because it was so cold. Then we headed back along the Rhein, turning to follow the Mosel River where they meet in Koblenz. It was a nice drive, and thanks to Rick Steeves we were able to read about all the castles we were passing along the way, as well as History about the villigaes and cities we drove through. Our Final Destination is one of the most famous castles in Germany, Burg Eltz. It is nestled in a forest which was alive with fall colors, and because the castle is so well preserved it really is one of the best tours.
Since my family had been on the tour before the 5 of us walked down to the Eltz River to throw rocks in the water while Grandpa & Grandma went on the 45 minute tour of the castle. We all had an afternoon snack before heading home, It was a lovely day and we made the best of the colder temps.
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