Sunday, October 7, 2007

2 Corinthians 10:5

The church we have been attending in Germany for the last year is Trinity Reformed Presbyterian. We went there on an invitation from another home schooling family and discovered we already had many friends there from the local home schooling group.
Almost immediately I was drawn to some of the stark differences between this church and any other I had attended. I was amazed that others could concentrate some Sunday mornings for the glowing of all the light bulbs popping out in little think bubbles above my head. It has been a year of enlightenment; you might say, a reformation of the Murphy family. We have been learning about a great many things including the all encompassing T.U.L.I.P (or 5 points of Calvinism) which brought so many "A-ha" and "well, DUH!" moments to us.
It is very different from that which we have always known and I still know not enough to debate theology and doctrine with you.... so I will just use a quote from Rob, who when asked by his step-dad about the church we've been attending said this, "I think we've always been reformed, we just didn't have a name for it."
In our quest for understanding and thirst for knowledge we have been devouring information about liturgy, election, and covenant theology. After all we had learned it was the next logical step to become members of this church and have Micah baptized. It was a big day for us, and a little sad since we had been preparing and praying with the kids about the importance of this step, talking with all the kids (and learning for ourselves) about Micah's baptism. Then when Sunday arrived Rob got called into work!! He made it to the church toward the end of the service but missed the ceremony. Luckily my friend, Curran, was on-hand with his camera and snapped these pictures.
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