Sunday, September 9, 2007

Micah's 5th Birthday

Since Micah's birthday fell on the Sunday after we returned from Garmisch there really wasn't a good way to try and plan a party for him. That was okay since our weekly "night church" includes a meal and fellowship after the study, so it's kind of like a party every week!
We decided just to have a relaxing afternoon at home in between church and night church with Micah's favorite food, pizza.
I am not exactly sure why Micah wanted hie 5th birthday to be a "shark" birthday. He has them planned out until he's 10, you know. All he has talked about is his shark cake....... kind of fun to try and come up with on a Sunday afternoon when you've just returned from vacation the night before at 9:30 PM, no? I think we pulled it off using home-made blue frosting and M&M's.
Here are some pictures from Micah's BIG day.
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