Monday, August 27, 2007

Quite a scare

******UPDATE #3 - Tuesday 8/28 8:30 PM - SAW DEREK tonight having dinner at Chili's. In the flesh, conscious and up and about. He is moving slowly, sore, and a broken wrist. But he is OKAY and released from the hospital. Here he is showing his X-rays to Curran (this was taken tonight as proof that he is REALLY okay!!)
****UPDATE #2 - Tuesday 8/28 10:30 AM- Derek remains in the hospital, but will be released soon. He is okay, they are just observing him a while longer. Check out Curran's Blog for some pictures of the chaos (taken only after we were sure Derek was okay)

***UPDATE - 8/27 as of 7:00 PM - Derek has been moved out of ICU and has even been up for some visitors (his brothers, and Curran and Rylan). They said he was pretty sore, lots of scrapes and scratches and sap (that's right, tree sap) that won't come off. He is still being kept for observation tonight but will most likely be home tomorrow.
Here is a picture from the ground looking up at the path that Derek forged as he fell down. You can not even see the top from where Rob stood to take this picture. I wanted this on my blog to show you that we TRULY witness to a miracle.
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On Sunday nights our evening study is held in one of our church member's homes. After a time of singing, prayer, and study we all stay for food, fellowship, and play time.
Last night was pretty typical. Until ..............

One of Sarah's good friends, Derek, fell about 40 to 50 feet yesterday while climbing some tall pine trees in the backyard of the house where we meet. A few of his friends, including Sarah, were watching him climb and saw the fall. His twin brother, Evan, among them ran straight to the house and hollered for help. Akir, Sarah, and Curran were first on the scene and soon after adults started arriving.

We have 4 or 5 doctors that attend the church, 3 of them were there last night and another doctor was visiting friends of his who live next door to where we all were. So instantly there were 4 doctors on the scene, along with his Mom.

An ambulance unit came, with a fire truck and a helicopter. Derek was looked over and stabilized then air lifted to the hospital.

As of midnight last night he was okay. Here is the email update I received on him:
"The bottom line is that Derek still has a good bit of pain and is being kept over night at the hospital in K-town. The CAT scan showed all his major parts are OK (Head, spine, organs) but his lungs were bruised – probably from the impact when he landed. This is what we need to pray about. The doctors are monitoring that to see if it worsens; his oxygen counts are lower than what they should be for someone his age. They’ve got him in his own room in ICU, and Sandy (his mom) is staying with him overnight"

Sarah is pretty shaken up. I think everyone is.

I ask for your prayers for Derek especially. Also for Derek's family. I will update my blog when I know more.

Here is a picture taken earlier this year of Curran, Derek, and Sarah.

You can check out THIS post to see pictures of Derek and his family.

Click HERE to see Derek's blog (I am sure it will be a while before it is updated though)

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