Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Day At The Ranch

Sarah is a part of a great troop of Girl Scouts here in Germany. It is a multi-age group which is right now made up of all home schooled kids. For a fun summer time activity that would help the girls earn requirements toward bridging to their next level of scouting we spent the day on a ranch. Another home schooled 15-yr old, Shelby, who has been riding since she was 11 taught the girls all about horses, horse care and riding. Then they each got a turn on a horse.
The girls were also very gracious to allow Noah to have a turn during their riding time. Noah was a little apprehensive, but he really enjoyed it.

Here is the whole troop with Shelby and my two little guys.

After the ranch the girls all went back to Ms. Suzanne's (their leader) for a TROOP SLEEPOVER! Home made pizza's, ceremony & calendar planning, movies, and games - all this and a pancake breakfast - what more could you want?
Abby, Brianna, and Sarah plan their bridging ceremony
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