Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our First Day Of School

Today was our first day of school for the 2007/2008 school year. This year Sarah in working on 7th grade, Noah on 3rd grade, and Micah on Year I of a two-year Kindergarten program.

We had originally planned to start school on Monday (yesterday) but school was canceled due to extremely rare high temps. The pool called to us, we answered and spent the entire day lounging with other families from our church.

Since we home school you don't get the traditional first day of school, new clothes, new sneakers, new backpack, lunch in hand photos; but here are a few pictures of our first day.This year Sarah is using a DVD program for her studies. We think this will be a lot of fun for her, as well as an awesome learning experience. She liked it so far. This will also give Mom a lot more time to focus on Noah and Micah, but Sarah still gets to be at home. Noah and Mom work on math, Noah's favorite subject. Does Mom look a little tired? Too much sun and fun on Monday made for a very long night with Micah (aka pukey Joe). I didn't want to put off school another day and so we powered through. Luckily the first day is all review. Micah was still a little queasy and terribly overtired, but he has been SO SO SO excited to start Kindergarten that he was raring to go. Today we talked about the letter "i", the class room calender and the color yellow. Pretty easy stuff after attending pre-school for 2 years but best not push it after the night we had!
We have had 6 weeks off of school and are ready to get back into it. We are all very excited about this year and anticipate great times ahead. We think starting this early will help us to recall information we learned last school year. ALSO, this allows for plenty of time off in the fall when we have loads of company coming to visit us (which we are also super excited about)
Well, 3rd load of laundry in in the dryer, school is done for the day and I am off to lie on the couch for a little bit.
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