Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of tails, paws and moving on

A dog's life
We had a dog back in the states (I tell this tale for those of you who did not know us then). He was about 9 years old when we left. He is the best dog in the world and the only reason we didn't bring him with us to Germany is because he was going blind. A degenerative disorder that couldn't be prevented or treated. We thought the long plane ride and the unpredictablness of moving over seas would just be too much for him. Jedi found a good home with Bob & Elaine (my in-laws). They are such wonderful special-needs dog owners and Jedi seems to be the very thing that they never knew was missing from their lives. Even if we moved back to the states tomorrow (unlikely) we could not take Jedi from them. Even though they still refer to themselves as Jedi's Grandpa & Grandma, Jedi is THEIR dog through and through and we couldn't imagine a better life for him. He is home. The pictures you see are of him on "mole patrol" in the backyard and begging a treat from Grandpa.

Dogless no more?
We've missed the pitter-patter of little paws around our house. Yet we always hesitated in even thinking of getting a new dog while stationed in Germany. We felt like we were not being true to Jedi, and we did not want to go through the heartbreak of buying a dog and not being able to take him with us when we leave here. Well, we seem to have resolved all our feelings and obstacles. Not only that but we also found a breeder with a litter due!
You can click
here to see the breeders web page and along the right hand side click on the tab that says "Welpen" - there you can see the brand new puppies born July 18th, 2007. Ours is the little guy with the blue ribbon (I think). In 3 weeks we can go and see him and I am not sure if then we go back and pick him up in 2 weeks or what? It is a little hard to figure out because of the very little English the lady speaks and the NO-German that I speak. Anyway, we will keep you posted and be sure to post pictures when our little guy makes it home.
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