Saturday, July 21, 2007

All Is Well

Waiting in line for Harry Potter
We arrived at the store about 9:00 PM and the book went on sale at 12:01 AM.

TOP LEFT - The front of the line at the entrance to the Ramstein BX Bookmark shop. BOTTOM RIGHT, around the corner from that entrance you can see where the line stretches all the way back to the food court. Sarah is standing to show our place in line. About 35- 40 people deep I think, it was hard to tell because a group of teens right in front of us kept growing larger as more of their friends showed up.
During the long (well, it seemed long) wait Sarah participated in some of the activities they had set up in the food court area. We had a good time waiting in line together.

Here is a picture of the mad rush into the store as people grab books from 15 or so different locations and race up to the check outs. The check out employees were working as fast as their fingers could fly.
We are all checked out and ready to go home and READ. Sarah grabbed some empty boxes to use in her room as storage containers.
Due to a lot of my young friends who check my blog and have not finished reading book 7 yet I will refrain from sharing my thoughts. It was a GREAT read though.
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