Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Of tails, paws and moving on

A dog's life
We had a dog back in the states (I tell this tale for those of you who did not know us then). He was about 9 years old when we left. He is the best dog in the world and the only reason we didn't bring him with us to Germany is because he was going blind. A degenerative disorder that couldn't be prevented or treated. We thought the long plane ride and the unpredictablness of moving over seas would just be too much for him. Jedi found a good home with Bob & Elaine (my in-laws). They are such wonderful special-needs dog owners and Jedi seems to be the very thing that they never knew was missing from their lives. Even if we moved back to the states tomorrow (unlikely) we could not take Jedi from them. Even though they still refer to themselves as Jedi's Grandpa & Grandma, Jedi is THEIR dog through and through and we couldn't imagine a better life for him. He is home. The pictures you see are of him on "mole patrol" in the backyard and begging a treat from Grandpa.

Dogless no more?
We've missed the pitter-patter of little paws around our house. Yet we always hesitated in even thinking of getting a new dog while stationed in Germany. We felt like we were not being true to Jedi, and we did not want to go through the heartbreak of buying a dog and not being able to take him with us when we leave here. Well, we seem to have resolved all our feelings and obstacles. Not only that but we also found a breeder with a litter due!
You can click
here to see the breeders web page and along the right hand side click on the tab that says "Welpen" - there you can see the brand new puppies born July 18th, 2007. Ours is the little guy with the blue ribbon (I think). In 3 weeks we can go and see him and I am not sure if then we go back and pick him up in 2 weeks or what? It is a little hard to figure out because of the very little English the lady speaks and the NO-German that I speak. Anyway, we will keep you posted and be sure to post pictures when our little guy makes it home.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All Is Well

Waiting in line for Harry Potter
We arrived at the store about 9:00 PM and the book went on sale at 12:01 AM.

TOP LEFT - The front of the line at the entrance to the Ramstein BX Bookmark shop. BOTTOM RIGHT, around the corner from that entrance you can see where the line stretches all the way back to the food court. Sarah is standing to show our place in line. About 35- 40 people deep I think, it was hard to tell because a group of teens right in front of us kept growing larger as more of their friends showed up.
During the long (well, it seemed long) wait Sarah participated in some of the activities they had set up in the food court area. We had a good time waiting in line together.

Here is a picture of the mad rush into the store as people grab books from 15 or so different locations and race up to the check outs. The check out employees were working as fast as their fingers could fly.
We are all checked out and ready to go home and READ. Sarah grabbed some empty boxes to use in her room as storage containers.
Due to a lot of my young friends who check my blog and have not finished reading book 7 yet I will refrain from sharing my thoughts. It was a GREAT read though.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our First Day Of School

Today was our first day of school for the 2007/2008 school year. This year Sarah in working on 7th grade, Noah on 3rd grade, and Micah on Year I of a two-year Kindergarten program.

We had originally planned to start school on Monday (yesterday) but school was canceled due to extremely rare high temps. The pool called to us, we answered and spent the entire day lounging with other families from our church.

Since we home school you don't get the traditional first day of school, new clothes, new sneakers, new backpack, lunch in hand photos; but here are a few pictures of our first day.This year Sarah is using a DVD program for her studies. We think this will be a lot of fun for her, as well as an awesome learning experience. She liked it so far. This will also give Mom a lot more time to focus on Noah and Micah, but Sarah still gets to be at home. Noah and Mom work on math, Noah's favorite subject. Does Mom look a little tired? Too much sun and fun on Monday made for a very long night with Micah (aka pukey Joe). I didn't want to put off school another day and so we powered through. Luckily the first day is all review. Micah was still a little queasy and terribly overtired, but he has been SO SO SO excited to start Kindergarten that he was raring to go. Today we talked about the letter "i", the class room calender and the color yellow. Pretty easy stuff after attending pre-school for 2 years but best not push it after the night we had!
We have had 6 weeks off of school and are ready to get back into it. We are all very excited about this year and anticipate great times ahead. We think starting this early will help us to recall information we learned last school year. ALSO, this allows for plenty of time off in the fall when we have loads of company coming to visit us (which we are also super excited about)
Well, 3rd load of laundry in in the dryer, school is done for the day and I am off to lie on the couch for a little bit.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

How we came to see Luxembourg

For the past 6 months or so Rob has been on-again off-again on the night shift. It wouldn't be so bad, but the poor guy just gets his body adjusted and BAM! he's got to flip flop it around and be on a completely different shift. Anyway, when he is on nights he has to keep his schedule up through the weekends which means sleep all day and stays up watching Science-Fiction all night.(I used the phrase "ruined weekends" referring to the ones he spends on nights, but Rob has reminded me that at least he is HERE on nights and not deployed. He is RIGHT of course, so I can no longer call them ruined)
Anyway, this month has been particularly hard to have him on this odd schedule because the kids are off school. So we try to find things to do to keep us out of the house so he can sleep or places to go on the weekend so he can sleep.
On just one such "Rob sleeping all day" weekend we were invited to my dear friend Ellen's house, who lives about an hour away from me. There was a walking tour through the part of Luxembourg known as "Little Switzerland" - which is only a 15 minute drive from her house.
We were happy to have something so fun to take us out of the house for the day. We always love spending time with Ellen and her family. Ellen also had 2 extra kids to watch whose parents were away at a youth retreat with Ellen's oldest daughter, Jadi. The kids she was watching were kids that we knew from our time at Whiteman, so it was fun getting to see them again and hanging out with them after a couple of years!
The hike was about 3 hours or so, and we saw some beautiful sites. It was a great day, and we didn't get home until late Saturday night so Rob got plenty of sleep.

We've got 3 more "Rob has to sleep all day" weekends to fill up this month - We are currently accepting all invitations. *wink*
Since it is easier to keep the kids on a schedule and quiet when they are in school we will probably just start school next week so Rob can sleep. Pictures of that soon (Micah starts KINDERGARTEN!)