Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What we have been up to lately.

One glance at our calender and you would instantly understand why my blog posts have been so few and far between. In addition to all our "required" activities for school, sports, and hobbies we have been spending a lot of time with some of the dear families from our church. I have created a few of these great collages to show you just a few of the fun times we have been having.
Sunday May 20th we headed to our friends house after church to celebrate Bekah's 2nd birthday. There was also an anniversary to rejoice in!

May 3oth we went to farewell dinner for a dear friend, Shawn. The whole family is PCS'ing this summer, but Shawn went ahead to attend a school. Rob and Shawn worked in the same career field and had become good friends. This family is also dear to us as we attend church with them. It is always hard to say farewell, even as accustomed to it as we military families become. Shawn and Nancy. I did not get a picture of their fine son, Rob. A few of the great guys from Trinity Reformed Church that were able to attend Shawn's send off. Pastor (Doug), Nathan, Rob, Mike, Shawn, Nick, and Brent (he's a Pastor, too)Tuesday June 5th we had dinner at Chili's w/ a few families, then walked to the "Bike Inn". The Bike Inn is a great little "snack shack" located along the bike path close-by our village. It was a nice dinner and the Bike Inn was special because we were also saying goodbye to another family. Margaret and Robert along with their kids Megan & Ryan will be PCS'ing in a few days. Mike (of Mike and Jenn fame) and Robert are brothers. The cousins have enjoyed living close to each other for a few years, rare in this nomadic life-style that we lead.

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