Friday, June 1, 2007

"If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do." - Lucille Ball

Do you all have Alice Cooper in your heads now? (thanks Heather!) Do you even know who that is? Probably better if you don't.....
NONE THE LESS, We are done with school! Sarah completed all her 6th grade work and Noah completed all his 2nd grade work. Their grades were excellent (if I do say so myself). Sarah did so well on all her finals, and Noah is really coming along with those multiplication tables.
In addition to finishing up our academic year, all the kids extra curricular activities are having end ceremonies and performances. I forgot the camera for some, was disorganized for others, or just plain didn't have the time to worry about blogging and pictures. I thought I would do ONE blog post with a few highlights.
1) Sarah and I have been involved for two years in a group called "Keepers at Home". It is a neat mother/daughter activity where we take turns teaching the girls Godly character traits and useful skills that will help them to be practical and well rounded KEEPERS AT HOME. This year I had the privilege of coordinating the group. Sarah and I won't be doing this activity next year to make room for all Sarah's other pursuits, so it was a very special time for us to close out our Keepers career.
2) Sarah and Noah's gymnastics class closed out their year with a "meet". The kids got to show off all the progress they made on all the different equipment. You can see from this video how much progress Sarah has made on her cartwheel!

3) The gymnastics meet happened the SAME NIGHT and TIME as Noah's cub scout cross over ceremony. Unfortunately we couldn't time them so Noah could do both, but we got a picture of Noah on the last den meeting a week later all dressed up in his new attire. He has now graduated from Wolves to Bears. This year Rob and I led the den; although we will continue to be active in scouts next year we will NOT be the den leaders. We had a great end of the year party with all the boys and parents to celebrate our achievements and also that Rob and (especially) I survived leading the den for a year!

4) Swimming lessons end for this year in 2 weeks. Sarah's Girl Scouts will continue through the summer, as will Noah's Piano lessons.
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