Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Trip to Switzerland June 18th - 23rd

Our trip to Switzerland was amazing! We had such a great time and saw such amazing scenery.
We went on a week long church retreat and stayed at the Beatenburg Bible School which is located above Interlacken on the Thunersee (Lake Thun). The retreat schedule was going to be a great time of study and fellowship.
We arrived on Monday the 18th after a lovely, albeit long, car pool with a few families from church. Rob was the only husband in the car pool due to jobs or deployments, but he did not mind a bit. I think there were 18 kids between us!!!
After a long day of traveling we arrived just in time for the evening session with Dr. Justly only to discover that our transmission fluid was leaking and BIG TIME! We didn't know what was wrong. After a bit of freaking out (by Krissie, Rob was cool as a cucumber) we called ADAC (the German version of triple A) and they called their Swiss equivalent who sent a mechanic to look at our van. He determined that he was going to need to tow it to the Ford dealer in Interlacken. SO there we were, stranded in Switzerland. But after calming down and praying and being prayed for we (I) realized that there were so many blessing surrounding us. Nearly our whole church was down in Switzerland for this retreat and they were all offering their support and help. We spent the next couple of days keeping busy with church and sight seeing activities (more on that later); and after a few days we discovered that these little weasel like creatures had chewed our cables and our spark plugs weren't connecting - so it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought. Our van was returned to us and we had no more problems with it the rest of the week.
We would all meet in the morning to sing hymns and pray; then the kids would go off to VBS and the adults would stay for an insightful time of study and listening to Dr. Justly.
We would break to have lunch and then do some kind of day trip around in the surrounding beautiful area. Tuesday and Thursday we met for an evening session and VBS; but Wednesday and Fridays we went out for longer trips.
In the evenings after dinner we would meet in the "green room" on the bottom floor of the main building. The kids would play across the street in park or play games in the green room.
The trip was so great - I have created this slide show with some of the explanations of some of the things that we did. There's probably plenty of spelling errors (feel free to write me about them and I will correct) and it has taken me a week to try and get them all uploaded and captioned, but here it is. ALSO, if you Trinity people are checking my blog and you were on retreat, PLEASE send me any pictures you have of Switzerland from your digital camera. Thanks to those of you who already did.
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