Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This past weekend we moved to a different house.
We had many reason for wanting to move. Our new house will just work out better for us in so many ways, although we were very sad to say goodbye to landlords at the old house. They lived right next to us and had become a part of our lives this past two years.
We are getting all settled in and are enjoying having more than one bathroom and a dishwasher! Here are the kids having fun in the BIG truck we rented. We "hired" some teenagers from our church to come help us load up the truck (they worked for pizza and Mt. Dew) When I was trying to take this picture one of the boys jokingly said, "You're slowing us down!!" They worked HARD all day! We also had help from some guys in Rob's shop and some dear friends from our church.The new house is looking GREAT! Here is a picture of the kitchen the day we were moving in; and from the first morning in the house at our new kitchen table (called and eck bunk, or corner table)

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