Friday, May 25, 2007

A Day at the Pool

Today we spent the day at the local swimming pool. The kids have lessons from 12:30 - 2:30 PM on Fridays; but we ended up staying for another 2.5 hours because we had so many friends come join us. It was so hot out.
We are winding down our school year and also busy attending all the performances and ceremonies from the extra activities that the kids are in (which are all coming to a close for this school year as well)... so I have so much to post and blog about, but here is just a brief fun intermission from our day at the pool today.

During lessons Micah's teacher, Ms. Angie, is working on overcoming Micah's fear of the slide and going underwater. Today he went down the slide 5 or 6 times during lessons and walked up the stairs all by himself (usually she has to walk him up there). Here is Micah followed by fellow student and good friend, Conner.

At the pool they have a big park. German parks as a rule are so cool. This one is not an exception! It has a cool well that where the kids can pump water and fill buckets. Here are a bunch of our friends taking a break from the pool at the park.

The best part about coming to the pool? SNACKS of course! These are sisters Hope and Grace and brothers Noah and Micah enjoying some yummy pool snacks.

Climbing the stairs to head down the slide for the 100th time.
We hit a HUGE mile stone today as Noah went off the diving board for the FIRST time. I didn't capture his very first jump, but here is what he looked like by the end of the afternoon, WHAT A PRO!!

Another HUGE step was Sarah going off the HIGH DIVE! She was very scared, but conquered her fear and did it! She is preceded by our friend, Curran, who perfectly executes a 9.5 SILLINESS JUMP!

Monday, May 21, 2007

"But of All These Friends and Lovers, There is No One Compares With You"

the Beatles, "In My Life"

This Day I Married My Friend
The One I laugh With
Live For
Dream With
Here's to the 13 years we have been married
and the 15 years we have been together

"Who's the one that makes you happy? Or maybe, who's the one always on your mind? And who is the reason you're livin' for? Who's the reason for your smile?" -Tesla "What You Give"
(what can I say, we were 19 when we got together. It was 1993. Tesla was cool then!

"I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned. And I have to speculate that God himself did make us in to corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay. And true it may seem like a stretch but it's thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you're away when I am missing you to death"
"Such Great Heights" as sung by Iron & Wine

"And so today my world it smiles, your hand in mine we walk the miles. Thanks to you it will be dawn, for you to me are the only one.......... If the sun refused to shine, I would still be lovin' you. If mountains crumbled to the sea, there would still be you and me. " Led Zeppelin "Thank You"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A walk in our new village

Here are some pictures from life at our new house. I will be posting pictures of the new rooms and things as I can, but for now here are some breathtaking pictures from the walks the kids and i have taken to explore our new territory. This first picture was taken from just across my street looking to my front door and driveway. The second picture was taken from our backyard looking out toward the deer that were grazing during yesterdays rain storm.

This picture is taking from right in front of my house, it is the view I can see from my kitchen window. It is a steep climb to the top of that hill! We climbed to the top of the hill to get the next few pictures.

From the top of the hill looking down on our street. I labeled the top of our roof, if you can see it.

To the right of our street as you stand on the top of that hill is the main part of the village.

Looking in the opposite direction on my house

This picture is looking out toward another trail we spotted on the other side of our house. We thought it might take us through the forest in our backyard. It did indeed do that, but first we climbed for about 15 minutes.

Here is the view from the top of the other trail we climbed up. If you look closely, way in the distance, you can see the snaky, curvy trail that climbs to the top of the hill where we took the picture of our roof.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Summer Hair Cuts

For her birthday this year Sarah wanted a stylish hair cut and highlights. May 2nd was the first available day the beauty salon could take her. While she was getting her hair done the boys and I walked over the barber shop and got their hair cut for summer. Noah was very reluctant to get his long tresses trimmed, but I assured him we would begin to let it grow out again and by autumn he would again have his floppy mop-top. Here are the before and after shots.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This past weekend we moved to a different house.
We had many reason for wanting to move. Our new house will just work out better for us in so many ways, although we were very sad to say goodbye to landlords at the old house. They lived right next to us and had become a part of our lives this past two years.
We are getting all settled in and are enjoying having more than one bathroom and a dishwasher! Here are the kids having fun in the BIG truck we rented. We "hired" some teenagers from our church to come help us load up the truck (they worked for pizza and Mt. Dew) When I was trying to take this picture one of the boys jokingly said, "You're slowing us down!!" They worked HARD all day! We also had help from some guys in Rob's shop and some dear friends from our church.The new house is looking GREAT! Here is a picture of the kitchen the day we were moving in; and from the first morning in the house at our new kitchen table (called and eck bunk, or corner table)