Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter 2007

Easter this year was lovely. It was very low-key. Now, let me explain what I mean by that...... IT doesn't go to say that we celebrated our risen saviour with any less praise than we were capable of. It's just that a lot of holidays in the past 5 years were spent rushing off to one deployed-spouses event to another. Don't get me wrong, I was always grateful for the support (especially from friends who had me over on so many a holiday I can barely name them). But, the only Easter Rob has spent with us over the last 5 years, save for this past Sunday, we were living in TLF after having just hopped the pond with no car, no sense of direction and no real friends in our immediate area. People still were kind to us and we were carted off to and fro.... It was still just nice this year to be relaxed, to not be one of the "deployed families" needing attention.
We started on Good Friday when we went to our friend's house to color Easter eggs. The kids had a great time blowing bubbles while we set up the egg dying materials. They each got to color about 6 eggs. After a colorful rainbow of eggs was on the table they helped clean up. In order to get all the containers off the table, all the left over dye needed to be condensed, so the kids had a great time mixing colors and making fun concoctions. insert mad scientist laugh here.

Easter Sunday we heard another GREAT sermon at our wonderful reformed PCA church. The boys sang with their Sunday school class for something extra special. After church we lingered visiting and chatting with all our friends. Every time I turned around Sarah was holding some body's baby!

Then we headed off to our friend Julie's house for Easter dinner. Julie and her 2 girls were very, very gracious to have us over, even though it is HER husband, Andrew, who is deployed!! Our house is a cardboard-box sea and the mass chaos of closets torn apart so everything can be gone through and packed for our move in 2 weeks! Still, it worked out all right for her since she had Rob solve all her computer woe's. It was a working holiday lunch for Rob. But he did not mind, he brought a cooler of mountain dew and sucked about 4 of them down that afternoon alone. He gave up mountain dew for lent and 40 days in a dry Dewless desert made him mighty thirsty. He was content to work on the computer as long as he had a Dew within reach, while Julie and I chatted and our kids played outside .
We were very grateful that Grandma Ann sent us some confetti eggs that we took with us to share with our friends. Sara and Libby lived in Texas, so they knew just what to do. Their neighbors granddaughter, Josephine, was on holiday from London and had never heard of such a thing. We quickly "schooled" her in all things SMASHING and she joined right in.

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