Friday, March 23, 2007

New House Pictures

Here are some pictures of our new house. The first photo is of the foyer area as you walk in the front door. HI LUKE AND BETH!! (Amy's kids). Directly to the right is a small 1/2 bath. The door on the right that you can see in this picture is a nice walk-in pantry. to the Left across from the pantry is the kitchen (pictured).

As you walk through the foyer you enter the great room(living/dining). The first shot is from the foyer door and the second shot is taken from the far left-hand corner of the room. If you look at the shot taken from the foyer you can see the deck. Here is a picture of what the deck looks out on.
Pretty Awesome view, huh? To the right as you walk through the foyer is the stairway leading up and down stairs.
Upstairs there is the nice FULL bath which also includes a shower (can not see from picture). The smaller room (Micah is in that photo) is where I think we will put Sarah. She originally was going to have the bigger bedroom, but now she says she wants the smaller room, "It will be like my fort!". Then you can see Sarah in the smaller bedroom. There is also a master bedroom on this floor, but I did not photograph it,

Here is a picture as you walk down stairs from the stairway in the living room. Because this family is getting ready to PCS their basement is organizing central for all things. I did not want to photograph her boxes and things, so I didn't really get a shot of these rooms, except the laundry room, because I am terribly excited about it. Okay, so here is what is downstairs.
The door that Sarah is standing in front of is a basement room suitable for storage and tools. The door that Rob is standing in front of is the laundry room (see picture). Directly past Rob at the far end of the room is a bathroom with shower. across the hall, there is a door that little Beth and her blue balloon are coming out of. That is a nice big room that has a glass door that walks out to the back yard. This will be the guest/play room. Also, there is another long skinny room that also has a glass door leading outside. It is between the bathroom and play room. This will be the stamp and/or class room.
We have to wait to see how much furniture will fit where before we finalize some of out decisions. But there is is in a nut shell. Thanks to Amy and her kids for being so willing to let us come look and take pictures.
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