Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friends Before You Were Born.

Never were truer words spoken for Carter and Noah.

Carter's Mom, Ellen, and I met at the pool on Whiteman Air Force base in Missouri in May of 1999. We were both pregnant with boys. Soon after that meeting our family began attending the same church as Ellen's family. The boys were born 3 months apart, Carter in July and Noah in October. Ellen and I have remained quite close through all the years and our boys have grown up together, counting each other as something more like cousins than friends. Here are Carter and Noah in June of 2000 as babies, and on March 31st, 2007; 7 years later at age 8.

Now, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention 2 other VERY important brothers that are also included in everything Noah and Carter do.... Heath (Carter's older brother) and Micah (Noah's younger brother) are just as close and have known each other most of their lives as well. Here they are playing Star Wars Lego's on our recent visit, one of their most favorite things to do together.

Heath, Carter, Noah, and Micah (w/muffin bear)

All smiles

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