Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Change on Gossamer Wings

"There's still time to change the road you're on"

I have heard that change comes slowly - over time. Time can change things, circumstances, hearts, etc. with patience. It seemed like change crept quietly around our walls, lurking in corners; taunting us with its promises, its frustration. Now all of a sudden (and on the smallest pay period of the year, I might add) it has JUMPED out of the dark recesses of our basement and shouted, "HERE I COME! READY OR NOT, I AM HERE!!"
Rob is riding the waves, pitching and turning, going with the flow and saying, "all will be well." AND he is doing this having given up Mountain Dew for Lent. No kidding, he hasn't had a Mountain Dew since February 21st. The voice of calm in the storm that is my impatience, my worry, and my nerves. I'd suggest that giving up Mt. Dew may be why he was able to be so calm, but you all know differently. After his headaches stopped he's just the same as he ever was, without his caffeine crutch.
Anyway, watch for updates.
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