Thursday, February 1, 2007

"Thursday I Don't Care About You"

Thursday morning we do our usual school, hustling and bustling through all our subjects.
Noah has piano lessons at noon. We trade off car pooling with our friends, so I do not usually take Noah to piano (I drive to the other coop on Tuesdays). However, today my friend's son was very sick so I drove to piano. It was a little more hectic than usual, but nice because now I have piano lesson pictures to show you. After piano we picked Micah up from pre-school and head to base!

On Thursday we have our Home-School PE (physical education) co-op. It is a lot of fun and the kids get to see lots of their friends. We play a lot of different sports. Right now the younger kids are doing a 6-week class in the gym learning about basketball while the older kids spend 6 weeks in the gymnastics gym learning gymnastics (that's right, for the time being my kids have gymnastics twice a week). Then they will swap out.

During PE Mom helps with the little ones, 5 and under, who are too young to try and throw a basket ball. We play lots of fun pre-school games including singing rhymes, obstacle courses, and "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, what time is it?" (a kind of red light / green light chasing and catching game).

After PE every Thursday we run to the commissary for our weekly shopping trip. It has become a ritual of many home school moms and the aisles are filled with friendly faces and kids to chat with.

Back at home it is time for dinner and our nightly rituals. The boys read stories and do devotions with Dad, Sarah spends some time working on her art homework while listening to a book on CD.

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