Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Wednesday Morning Papers Didn't Come"

Wednesday mornings are our only slow mornings. We allow ourselves to sleep in a little bit (except Rob who is out the door by 6:20 AM everyday, when he is working the day shift). We get a relaxing start and do not need to rush, rush, rush through school. We stop about noon for lunch and then head into the afternoon at the break-neck pace we've come to know and love. Wednesdays are swimming lessons for all 3 kids. They take them through an American instructor at a local pool. Sarah and Noah take lessons first while Micah plays and then they swap - so there's an hour long lesson and an hour to just PLAY, which is always a hit. After swimming lessons we shower and quickly dress to head to base for Noah's boy scout den meeting. Although because today was a 5th Wednesday in one month we did not have boy scouts. Whew!

Once swim lessons were over we did not have to rush to base for a den meeting! Whatever will we do with the extra time because of no scout meeting? Well, the answers are below: We all took a shower at home instead of the rushed showers at the pool, Mommy made a yummy schnitzel dinner (our favorite), Sarah found lots of free time on her hands to chat and goof around, Noah and Daddy caught up on some scout achievements, and Mommy finished 1st semester grades.

We all got to bed on time and are ready for THURSDAY!
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