Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Tuesday Morning, Please Be Gone - I'm Tired of You"

Tuesday is COOP day! Our whole day revolves around the 2 hours we spend at Sembach Bible Church for the home school coop. We make sure to get up nice and early, get right in our home school room and get our subjects and instrument practicing done. Then we have a quick lunch and head on out the door. The only one who gets a little reprieve is Micah. Because we're all so busy getting up and at 'em to make sure everything is done in time to leave, he gets a break on Tuesday mornings and watches his favorite cartoons, "Dora the explorer", and "Go, Diego, Go!"

At co-op this term Sarah is taking 2 art classes: Art History, where she is studying the masters, and Drawing, where she is learning different techniques. Noah is taking a science class that is studying the human body and then he is in my class. There are also fun pre-school classes for Micah. I am teaching an exciting class that is kind of like going to VBS every week. We sing songs, play games, do crafts, and have fun discussions all centered around a different Bible point. It is for Kindergartners - 5th grade. When all the classes are over the moms (and some dads too!) clean up all the class rooms and the kids (if it's nice enough) head on out to the playground.

After playing for an hour or so we head home to fix dinner and visit with Dad. After supper there is time for Sarah to help with dishes, Noah to show off all his work, and Micah to get a few stories in.

And that is what our Tuesday looks like!
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