Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Sunday Morning Rain is Falling"

"Sundays are filled with God's Love", a direct quote from Noah.
We are attending Trinity Reformed Presbyterian (PCA). We love the church, the people, and the pastor. We came to this church on the recommendation of friends after Rob returned from the desert last summer. We stayed because we already knew so many of the families from the home school group, and so we just fit right in with ready-made friends. Since then we have been voraciously reading, studying and learning much about the reformed theology. We have made so many good friends, who have been so patient with all our questions. We love our church, we love the thought provoking discussions that have been invoked and the quest for knowledge that it has encouraged. Micah and Noah in their Sunday school classes on Sunday morning. Noah really like Mrs. Olson.

The afternoon is spent resting and hanging out at home. On Sunday nights we travel to a nearby village for night church, hosted in the McQuade home. We sing hymns, pray, and study a lesson with the Pastor's leading. Last night we just finished up a study on Jonah. After church we share a meal and visit while the kids hang out together. If it's nice the kids will play outside, but lately they've just been playing together inside.

Visiting after Bible study with food and friends.Pastor Hudson holds "court" on the stairs after the study with some of the kids. The little girl Sydney (in the yellow) had a question for Pastor, "Why did God chose Jonah if He knew that Jonah wouldn't go?" By the end of this discussion there were about 5 young children and a cat listening to Pastor and Sydney discuss Jonah.

Sarah and Curran are watching videos taken on a recent ski trip; Cole and Ian look on.

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