Sunday, January 21, 2007

3 sick kids, a 7 week old puppy and a dirty turtle cage!

I have to start this post by telling you what just happened while it is still fresh in my mind. I just said to Noah that since he was feeling so much better we might try a little weak, hot tea and see how that felt on his tummy. He replied, "So, I made it to the tea level?" I stated, "Explain." He said "Well first there was the nothing level, then the water level, then the cracker level, then the applesauce level and now the tea level." Oh Noah. You do make every day sun shiny and bright even if the house if full of uncleanliness and smelly things.
So this is our weekend so far....
Friday - We did a full day of school, with a sewing break for Sarah with her new instructor, Heather. After school and sewing, our friends stopped by to see our turtles and relax and play after our crazy busy week. After our friends left our boys started to act a little strangely. They didn't really want to eat supper, they seemed achy and Micah was complaining about being so cold. We put them to bed and thought that was it. No such luck. I spent the night sitting up with Micah who had a high fever and was throwing up.
Saturday morning
Micah is very sick. His fever ran very high all night and he looks AWFUL. The McQuades drop by about 9:00 AM with the 7 week old puppy we will be puppy sitting for them while they are skiing this week. They also bring a "blessing in disguise" to quote my Mom in the form of the news that this puppy IS spoken for, but the new owner will get it when they come back from their trip. So, sad news for us since Sarah and I were hoping to convince Rob to purchase the dog after he was smitten with it at the end of the week (an evil plan, I know). I fed Noah a little oatmeal and was just busy praising God that I only had one sick kid then Noah promptly threw up all the oatmeal and a temperature reading reveled that he, too, was running a fever (although not quite as high as Micah).
That afternoon when Rob wakes up (he is still on nights and so tried to keep his schedule on the weekends by sleeping until 2:00 or so in the afternoon) and Sarah and he go to the local pet store to see about getting a new turtle aquarium for our recent "free" acquirements. I am busy doing laundry, puppy sitting and watching after the sick boys.
MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT - early Sunday morning. Sarah wakes up and GUESS WHAT? She is throwing up and not feeling well at all.
The puppy is sleeping on the couch with Sarah, who is running a low-grade temp and feeling quite nauseous. The puppy has kept us quite busy and Rob is as smitten as can be. Several times he looked at me yesterday evening and said, "You people are mean." Noah slept about 15 hours last night and woke up this morning around 10:00 AM and said, "SO, what's for breakfast?" Micah is steadily improving by the hour, but he just stopped running a fever and moved up to the cracker level. The turtle cage is already cloudy even though we now have a HUGE aquarium, a filter, a heater and a sun lamp. All my research on the web shows me that the only way to avoid a dirty turtle cage is changing the water every day!! EVERYDAY! So, if you never hear from me on this blog again it is because I am probably changing the turtles water!!
Rob is still sleeping, he works tonight at midnight. I am off to do more laundry and play with that puppy!
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