Monday, January 29, 2007

"Just another Manic Monday"

Mondays set the tone for our whole week - BUSY!! In order to fit in all the activities outside the home it is important that we get school done first thing. On Mondays Micah goes to his pre-school at Mrs. Henrietta's house. He learns basic phonics sounds, letter formation and numbers. She reads stories, takes them to the park and they do lots of crafts with paint and play dough. He learns to share and interact with other 4 and 5 year old's under Henrietta's loving eye. He loves going and has a lot of fun. This year will be his last year before starting school at home with the big kids. Here is a picture of Sarah and Noah hard at work on their Math this morning.

After a morning filled with school Sarah, Noah and I have a quick lunch then it's off to base for Gymnastics class. They take lessons through the youth center on base, who have been GREAT at setting up classes during times specifically geared for the home school community here. The classes also focus more on multi-age levels so as to accommodate families who home school with many different age levels. It is a wonderful class and the kids get a great work out.

It was hard to get any shots of the kids in their class with my poor, failing digital camera - so I just took a video of them attempting to do cart-wheels.

Mondays also are Sarah's scouting time. We usually alternate between having either Girl Scouts or Keepers at Home (a Christian girls group where the focus is more on mother/daughter and earning badges that encourage things with Christian values) This week there was no Girl Scouts in the afternoon and Keepers meetings aren't until the evening. So, after running a few errands on base we picked up Micah from pre-school and headed home for a while. Sarah finished her school, and we did a little house work. Once Daddy came home from work we sat down to dinner before Sarah and I left for the meeting. This week we are learning about the art of scrap booking from Mrs. Carroll. In Keepers this year we have also earned badges in health and fitness, sign language, diligence, determination, thoughtfulness, just to mention a few.

By the time Sarah and I got home from the meeting, Daddy already had those boys fast asleep in bed. WOW! That's our Monday!!
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