Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All About Sarah

Do you know what her name means? It means Princess Perfect-One.
Sarah, the oldest

Sarah, the brave
Sarah, the fearless........... well, excepting of course creepy crawlies, the dark, suspenseful movies, loneliness, long division, and exczema.

Meet Sarah.
Our double digit midget fastly approaching her teens. YIKES! Sarah has had to grow up quicker than we had planned due to Rob's frequent and lengthy absences right after the birth of her youngest brother, Micah. She has taken on the role with more grace then we could have imagined. She has astonished us with her acceptance of new responsibilities and handled all with her whole heart and a smile on her face.
Sarah loves the independence of home schooling. She likes setting her schedule accomplishing her tasks and takes pride in her work. She does well in school and really enjoys math and reading now, something she struggled with before. I try to read every book she does, which used to be an easy task, but I can barely keep up anymore. She loves science, but isn't crazy about history (though she does like geography and knows the location of more mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, and lakes then I even knew were on this great earth). Through various activities in our home school group she has discovered a love for sewing and cross stitch. She also loves her friends, her Nintendo DS, music, and baking. Usually in that order but it can fluctuate daily and sometimes include her school, her brothers and her parents.
She is a busy kid, always involved somewhere doing something whether it's with girl scouts, gymnastics, swimming lessons, sleep overs, IM'ing with her friends, studying, classes... etc. But she does it all and also is a HUGE help around the house.

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