Wednesday, January 3, 2007

All About Noah

Since this is a family blog and my kids do not have their own blogs (yet) I thought I would just do a post devoted to just one kid at a time. Today's post is about Noah. Noah is my middle child, He fills that roll in anything but a "typical" way. Noah is always second though.... usually to his older sister because she did it first or waiting patiently so his younger brother can go first. Noah takes it all on in stride though and never seems to complain. Not a whole lot phases Noah. He does not get frustrated when something doesn't work right or fit together. Noah either patiently works at the problem, puzzle, lego ship, whatever until he has it done; or he does it to the best of his ability and calmly moves on. Even though it won't really make one bit of difference in his world (which he is often lost in) I thought I would make his post the first one of the individual kid posts.


Noah is eight years old. He loves to play. He is kind and sweet and does not like to play rough. Right now Noah wants to have long hair because he would like to grow up to be a rock star. He just had a hair cut today (my first attempt at cutting his hair) and he looks rather like a Beatle if I do say so myself. ALthough, it's no longer in his eyes and it does not look like a mullet so mission accomplished and I digress. The picture above is from today.

Noah loves school, he loves his friends and family, and most of all he LOVES God. He loves to play games, espeically yahtzee and Star Wars trivial pursuit. His favorite subject is Math and he also loves to read. Noah's favorite things are the color green, playmobil people and his Dad. Noah is learning to play the piano. I don't know if the sound will work on this video, but if you keep clicking onit, it should open up into a new window and you should be able to see it. Noah always has a smile ready to share, here are a few of my favorites.

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