Friday, January 12, 2007

All About Micah

Oh To Be Four
Micah is the "baby" of this family if there ever was one. Although with the influence of his older sister and brother he tends to accomplish milestones at an earlier age than his predecessors he is still our youngest and so we, (Rob says, "YOU, you mean!") okay I, tend to spoil him. He gets more cuddles, or gets carried more places than he should and (and it does pain me to admit this to the world at large) he tends to get away with more than the other two. With his eyes wide as saucers and his bottom lip stuck out, there is almost nothing he could do that warrants punishment. Okay, so I guess I am exaggerating a bit there (my husband quips in the background, "no you're really not .") Micah loves the benefits that come with home schooling an older brother and sister. If they take lessons, he takes lessons; if they go on a field trip, he goes on a field trip. He still enjoys going to his beloved Mrs. Henrietta's two days a week for pre-school, but he loves taking on all the big-kid tasks like gymnastics, swimming, scouting and chores just like his older siblings.
Here he is enjoying swimming lessons. He is just learning to hold his breath and dunk his head.

It's hard to catch Micah with a "genuine" smile for a posed picture. And those candid ones that are actually in focus due to his CONSTANT state of motion are rare, but I managed to find a few of my favorite expressions.

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