Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christ was born to Save! Christ was born to Save!!

Christmas Eve
We opened one present form the stocking on Christmas eve. The kids all got Hallmark ornaments to mark their own unique personalities. Then it was off to bed with smiles and whispers heard long after lights out.

Christmas Day
the DRAMA award goes to.....
This is one of our favorite shots, even though it is blurry. The boys received a joint present and after opening it Noah collapsed on the floor into a puddle of giggling, tears, and "I can't believe it" 's. All that is visable in this shot are his sock covered toes as his brother gazes and the very cool Playmobil knights castle.
For Daring Feats in Facial Expressions
It's SARAH, ladies and gentlemen
Sarah opens her favorite present, her new MP3 player, as Micah merrily looks on. Sarah had some of the greastest expressions this year. She was such a joy because she was just so humbled to have gotten everything she really wanted, and even when I gave her a CD by her favorite Christan singers she didn't tell me it was the same one she already got for her birthday (silly Mom) until I asked her if it was the right one. She said, "Well, it's the one I already have, but this one has a bonus track so it's still good!"
No, you can't, We are keeping her.
After a busy morning opening and putting together presents we played Playmobil, game boys and K'nex for 6 hours. FInally fatigue and hunger getting the best of us we all stormed the kitchen for some potato soup, hot tea and assorted treats.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The First Post To Our New Blog

I’m dreaming of a WHITE Christmas…..
Christmas is in the air! Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Have you tasted it? Stockings are hung, cookies are baking, noses are red. My kids can hardly wait! There’s no snow on the ground yet, but Rob came downstairs the other night after praying with the boys and announced that one of these days we won’t even be able to open the front door; without fail, the boys pray for snow every single night. There is none in the forecast right now, but we’re confident that any day now……
A word or two brought to you by Christmas card follies
I didn’t get my Christmas cards out on time this year. It wasn’t my fault (that’s my epitaph by the way). I HAND stamped all the cards, had the Christmas letter done, ordered the pictures on-line and everything…. the PICTURES never got here. So, I wrote the on-line company who would be happy to send me replacements if only I would provide them with a different mailing address, NOT a military APO address. SO, I had to have them shipped to my Mom, who then had to mail them here. I am still waiting. As soon as I get those pictures the cards are going out. You may not get yours until NEW YEARS, but baby I worked HARD on those cards so you’re getting them!!
Stay tuned there’s lots more to come
For any of you who have been in my life longer than a smile you will know that I love to talk. When I can’t talk I write. I wear my heart on my sleeve as the saying goes and it is a blessing and a not-so-much blessing. I would BURST if I had to keep all that is in me inside. I find my faith when I write, I find my comfort, my friends and my soul. I expect I will keep this blog very full and upload to it all the time. I don’t know that I will stop my regular mass email updates to all my family and friends…. but I will probably write on this blog more often than I send those out from now on.
Love you all!